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Strikingly stylish

Strikingly stylish

Interior designer and Olàlà! Interiors owner Schané Anderson wanted to do something unusual and inspiring when it came to designing her own home. We met up with her in her exquisite Brettenwood Estate abode. By Leah Shone

After 21 years in the interior design industry, Schané has seen it all – from colour and style trends, to fashionable furniture and art. And that is why she had such a clear idea of what she wanted to achieve when she set out to design her own home in Brettenwood Estate a few years ago.   

MEET SCHANE | Schané ditched the banking world for interior design more than 20 years ago while living in Johannesburg. After working for another designer for just six months, she opened her own business called Damasque. Her first shop was based in Cresta Centre, and then she moved to Melville. After having her son Grant (now 16), Schané downsized and opened two smaller retail stores. She also changed the name of her business to Olàlà! Interiors. Five years ago, after selling both stores she and her family moved to KZN. Schané describes herself as authentic, approachable and honest and is passionate about interior design. She loves ‘out of the box’ thinking and her striking, stylish Brettenwood home is a testament to this.

schane kitchen dining (Medium)

THE HOME | Designed by architect, Mabette Vermaak, this home makes a statement. It’s eclectic and unusual without being arrogant or showy. It’s striking, but not intimidating and it’s luxurious without being over-the-top posh. “Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to live in a castle,” she laughs, “which is why our home has a modern-medieval feel to it.”

Schané says she wanted the home to be ‘raw but luxurious’. And, through her combination of black concrete floors, face brick walls inside the home, sleek stainless steel tops in the kitchen and plush splashes of velvet throughout, she’s managed to achieve exactly that. It’s raw, but still very luxurious.

About the floors Schané says, “I have worked with every colour under the sun over the past two decades, but I always seem to come back to black. I am fascinated by it. I love how a black interior highlights the outside of the home and I enjoy seeing people’s varied reactions to it. They either love it or are completely intimidated by it.”

Schané is passionate about beautiful lights. “I love how lights can be almost sculptural and are pieces of art themselves.” She is also quite sentimental and has loads of old pieces of family furniture. “I’ve painted and changed them a hundred times, but they stay with me.” Schané loves art, but instead of having large works of art in her home she has created a sort of ‘mini gallery area’ where she collects smaller pieces by artists she loves. “People don’t always have the money to buy large pieces – or the space to put them. I think this is a nice way to get around that.”

CAL_6506 (Medium)

Schané says it was important to her that her son have his own space in the home, and so she created a separate lounge/entertainment area for him, with his own pool table and television. His bedroom adds another ‘wow’ factor to the house, with his bed positioned up in a loft area, which you need a ladder to access.  The black kitchen is sleek, functional and sophisticated. “I love the practicality of the stainless steel tops and the position of our island and oven. I can be a part of what everyone else is doing while I’m cooking, whether they are in the lounge watching TV or outside at the braai.”

Schané’s says her favourite pieces in the home are the two Maitland Smith lamps in her lounge. “They were the first really good quality décor items I ever owned – and I was completely broke when I got them!” A self-dubbed ‘homebody’ Schané loves spending time with her family and friends in their home. “We enjoy going to the odd show, but really our home is our sanctuary.”


Last year Schané and Home Flair owner Debbie Steinhobel merged their businesses. They now have stores at the Ballito Lifestyle Centre (Olàlà! Interiors) and the Ballito Bay Mall (Home Flair). They also have a factory in Shakaskraal where they manufacture furniture. Of Olàlà! Interiors Schané says, “Basically if you are building a house you should just go ahead and hire us. An architect designs and plans a house, but we come in and plan exactly what’s going to happen inside the house. We help with all sorts of decisions – from paint colour and electrical outputs to sanitary ware placement.”

Here are more photographs of Schané’s beautiful home:

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Olàlà! Interiors: Ballito Lifestyle Centre / schane@olalainteriors.com / www.olalainteriors.com; Architect: Mabette Vermaak, Detail Architects / detailarch@mweb.co.za


1.  You have to live there. Be honest about your likes and dislikes.

2.  Nothing is cast in stone and rules are made to be broken!

3.  Don’t define yourself with one specific style.

4. Travel – it opens your eyes and your mind to different ideas.

5.  Edit! It’s impossible to put everything you like in one place. You have to cut out what is not important and get down to what you really love. That’s where we come in – we help our clients edit out stuff so we can get to the heart of what really makes them happy.


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