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Serene surroundings

Serene surroundings

Life is busy and distracting, and sometimes we just need to unplug. This year’s Decorex SA exhibition is all about going natural and creating a way for you to take time out and find solace in your dream living space.

There is no place like home. Especially if home is a beautiful, quiet place where you can escape the non-stop buzz of our live-wire environment. That is why this year’s 2017 Decorex theme is centred around finding your ‘happy place’ within your home, either through beautiful, textured furnishings, soothing hues or cozy nooks to revitalise the soul and mind. One way to achieve this serenity is by incorporating natural colours, textures and patterns into your home. Here are a few other tips and trends for the year ahead:

White on white: This crisp look is inspired by a desire to switch off and block out the noise of the outside world.
Black over black: Promoting introspection and rest, black can be used in various ways, differentiated by alternating textures.
Black and white: The monochrome look merges the two colours, creating a powerful contrast.

Everything in the overpowering digital world we exist in seems to have a smooth finish. This may be why people are incorporating rough, textured elements into their homes like natural woven fabrics and throws and hints of wood and metal.
Instead of hiding away from it, some people find solace in highlighting the poetic, artistic nature of the electronic world and the idea that we always seem to be on display through the use of light, airy materials such as x-ray materials, transparent fabrics, floaty silks and sheers.
Our primal desire to connect with the natural world has us incorporating deep shades of green, tan leathers, brass lamps and natural linen. The use of woven baskets, rustic wood and botanical prints helps create that ‘urban jungle’ look and feel.

Large wallpaper prints are still a big trend, with the use of large murals printed on wallpaper being more popular than the traditional tiled graphics. Wallpaper ranges from linear designs to large floral prints, adding a playful element to any space.
Another unusual trend is the use of doodles, etchings and inner monologues projected onto clothing and furniture in the form of ‘tattoos’. Again using the black and white colour contrast, the design imitates artistic notebooks and design sketches.
The linear look allows us to feel like we have everything under control with the use of frames and boxes. This modern, simplistic design can also include fun splashes of colour.

Having a cosy place to escape with a book or cup of tea is essential for ‘switching off and de-stressing. Cosy hoverings or hanging swings as well as day beds and oversized seats are being used to create little havens of calm and tranquillity.

Decorex SA Durban is taking place from 18 to 21 March at the Durban Exhibition Centre. Times are 10am to 8pm (18 – 20) and 10am to 6pm on 21 March. Tickets are R85 per adults and R20 for children under 12.

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