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Decorating for desire:  5 Ways to make your bedroom more romantic 

Decorating for desire:  5 Ways to make your bedroom more romantic 

In today’s frantic world, we’re often too tired, too distracted or too wound up to find room for intimacy in our lives. Relationships are suffering due to the invasion of television, laptops and smartphones in our living spaces, and we think it’s time we fought back! Liza Watermeyer, Tile Africa’s Retail Display Manager, gives tips on how to ban the mood-killers from the bedroom by considering some of these great décor ideas for rekindling the romance and passion in your relationship

1.     Don’t skimp on the soft furnishings

Feeling romantic is all about feeling pampered, and nothing says luxury like beautiful soft furnishings. Curtains should be thick and substantial, coming all the way down to the floor for an added sense of richness. Scatter cushions, rugs and throws should be of a variety of rich fabrics, from wool to velvet to chenille, and be irresistibly inviting to the touch.

2.     A bathroom to swoon over

An ordinary bathroom is a functional space that most people would rather keep hidden from sight. An extraordinary bathroom is a place to be proud of, a pleasure to use, and adds romance and intimacy to the bedroom environment. Underfloor heating, exquisite tiles, a huge bathtub, the finest taps and fittings, mood lighting, fragrances – the possibilities are endless (though sadly, budgets are not). With the right approach to bathroom décor, the bathroom can be every bit as intimate and romantic as the bedroom itself.

3.     It’s NOT just a bed

If you’re like most people, you spend at least six to eight hours of every day in your bed. Doesn’t it make sense to make it the best it can be? A high quality, comfortable mattress is unbeatable when you’re trying to set the mood, and variations such as a beautiful headboard or even a four-poster bed add a touch of antique romantic glamour that will guarantee you spend more time under the covers. And don’t forget the bedding either! Invest in a goose-down duvet and quality pillows (replace these often – up to twice a year), and buy yourself some quality, breathable cotton bedding.

4.     Mood lighting

Lighting is an absolute must when trying to create a romantic ambience. Candles are an absolute winner for setting the mood, though not always practical to rely on for good illumination. Recessed lighting and beautiful lamps add a warm glow without overwhelming the eye, and a dimmer switch is a huge plus. Consider using slightly weaker light bulbs in the bedroom, and those with a yellow glow rather than stark white. This will add a sense of warmth, romance and intimacy.

5.     Uncommon scents

We’re not talking about those plastic plug-ins that spray air freshener into your room every ten minutes. The scents your bedroom craves are to be found in a slightly more sophisticated guise. From oil burners and scent diffusers to linen sprays and scented candles, fragrance is a vital part of the sensual experience. Consider fragrances like rose, tuberose or jasmine, or vanilla, sandalwood and cedar wood for those who prefer a less floral scent.

Just a few simple changes and tweaks is all you need to turn a boring old bedroom into a luxurious boudoir that is sure to spark the passion. Forget the rose petals – try these ideas for a bedroom with year-round romance!

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