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Is Ballito the next megalopolis?

Is Ballito the next megalopolis?

Over 50 years ago, geographer Jean Gottmann coined the term “megalopolis” to describe the sprawling regional mega-city taking shape between Boston and Washington, D.C., gobbling up rural areas in its wake. A megalopolis is an urban region consisting of several large cities and suburbs that adjoin each other. Literally, megalopolis in Greek means a city of exaggerated size.

That is what is happening right in front of our eyes in the corridor between Umhlanga and Ballito. A giant urban sprawl is paving over thousands of hectares of forest and agricultural land and, if it continues to grow at this blistering pace, we could see them touch before 2030. We will be looking at a seamless corridor of urban development that will engulf Umdloti and make one massive city with separate municipalities.

This is a lot to take in at first, but with Ballito already growing at such a rapid rate, it’s not as inconceivable as we once would have thought. The fact is, we are still in the infancy stages of this growth and most people are expecting it to explode North of Ballito heading towards Tinley Manor. They would be right, as that is the future of the North Coast with a few new luxury estates about to pop up. But what is about to approach us from South of Ballito will create South Africa’s first super city.

Tongaat Hulett and Construction ID are developing the Sibaya precinct and the development provides for a vibrant and inter-connected mixed-use are, though predominantly upmarket residential and lifestyle focused. The development plans to maximize the area’s unique natural conditions, whilst acknowledging and remaining responsive to environmental sensitivities. There are 6000 residential units, 955 hotel rooms and a massive commercial floor area, connecting Umhlanga to Umdloti. 

Further development is set to take place from Umdloti and connect to Zimbali, to make this Megalopolis a reality. Those who are looking for the country/seaside life we are accustomed to will move further North, to take advantage of the vast open spaces with spectacular sea views that this beautiful part of the world has to offer. So, get ready, the push in growth you have seen is just the beginning of what will become South Africa’s first Megalopolis.

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