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What exactly is fibre?

What exactly is fibre?

While many of us know that the introduction of fibre into our homes is a good thing, not everyone understands exactly what it means. Tim Parle of KZN-based internet service provider ResiNet, offers some insight.

With so many people working from home these days, and thousands streaming online video content via Netflix or Showmax, fast, top quality internet access is a must. And, according to Tim, fibre offers exactly that.

“Fibre is the general term for optical fibre – a way of getting telecommunications signals for voice and data into your house or office. Fibre provides many technical benefits over other media, allowing for higher speeds, lower latency (also known as lagging) plus higher reliability, all with excellent value for money.

“For the user, these benefits translate into an improved experience and unlocking of the true power of the Internet. Fibre access brings our homes and business to a comparable level with our friends and families overseas, and brings us closer to them.”

Imagine being able to load web pages faster and reduce delays and ‘buffering’ when downloading video content – and improved real-time performance for online gaming. Tim says fibre is ideal for modern ‘connected’ homes and business, especially when coupled with a quality Wi-Fi router. “This combination is also great for accessing cloud services such as video calling, watching YouTube, remote monitoring of CCTV cameras, and web storage of your valued photographs and documents. As the number of connected devices in the home increases, families are demanding a quality Internet experience which is best satisfied with fibre. Home owners are also seeing improved property values with the availability and uptake of fibre in their suburbs or estates.”

Comparing fibre bandwidth to a good coffee or red wine, Tim says it is blended from local and international sources. “Decision makers need to look for ISP suppliers that understand this mix and provide services that match local requirements. Fibre services are price competitive with legacy ADSL services and offer cost performance way over mobile wireless data services.”

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