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Hairstyle guide for 2017

Hairstyle guide for 2017

He oozes style, sophistication and spunk and is quickly making a name for himself in the haircare industry with his new salon at The Pearls Mall. Monique De Villiers-Delport spoke to the Umhlanga businessman about this year’s hair trends.

With over thirty years’ experience in the hair industry, there is no denying that Grant Harper is an artist in his own right who sees his clients as canvases he can bring to life! Passionate about colour and cuts, Grant stays up-to-date with current trends by travelling to road shows in England at least once a year, ensuring he can bring back and offer the best there is to the local market. Here are Grant’s top eight hair trends for this year:

Super sleek

Break out your flat iron because straight, shiny, and centre-parted hair of any length is one of the biggest trends for 2017. This style only works if your hair looks healthy, not fried (over dyed or processed). Be sure to mist a heat protectant through your hair before touching it with a flat iron.

The high pony

Slick your hair up. All the way up. Done in a rough careless manner or with the utmost precision, the high ponytail adds both an elegance and ease to every ensemble. Best part of this look: the tighter you tie your pony tail, the more lifted your face looks (but maybe pop a Myprodol or two first).

Flat waves

Neither beachy nor bouncy, flat iron (a GHD for the non-hairdressers) waves have replaced our gran’s old roller sets. As seen here on Kendall Jenner, waves created with a flat iron are subtler and a little less glam. Just create a few bends in your hair by twisting a section of hair around your closed hair iron. Release and repeat. Keep your ends straight for the most polished finish.

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Growing-out shag

“The shag” was the surprising hit haircut in 2016, from Stevie Nicks’ gypsy hair and Farrah Fawcett’s feathered style to ’90s darlings Meg Ryan and (of course) Jennifer Aniston with “The Rachel”. But those layers and bangs have to grow out sometime. This year we see the beautiful result. With hair that hits just past the shoulders and bangs that are long enough to be split down the middle, the grown-out shag is the haircut to keep an eye on this year.

Golden blonde

In some lighting it’s blonde. In others, it’s golden brown. This transformative hair colour trend is called golden blonde, and it’s the perfect warm-toned hair colour that can be adjusted to work on all skin tones. If you’ve never considered going blonde before, maybe this is your year.

Colour contouring

Take the plunge with one of the year’s biggest trends, which highlights certain sections of the hair to extenuate your facial features. The technical phrase for this trend is ‘contourage’. Similar to the huge make up trend of contouring, hair colour contouring also picks out the light and dark shapes around the face, giving the desired allusion of a shapelier face as well as enhancing length and definition in the hair.

Holographic hair

Meet hologram hair. It’s the cute alien kid-sister of geode hair (a new colouring technique based on your favourite crystals). Colourists bring hair to a blonde base (yep, this one requires some bleaching), before introducing bright blues, baby pinks and soft lavenders into the mix. The trend is pretty ubiquitous on Instagram and Pinterest (we can see why!) and is frequently referred to as “opal” hair. Sure, we see the resemblance, but we’re sticking with the CD analogy. Especially since holographic everything, nails and eye makeup included, is having its futuristic moment.


Popular for his bespoke haircuts and dynamic and edgy consultations, UK-born Grant Harper opened his first salon at the Pearls Mall last year. His passion is putting time, vision and attention into every detail for every client he sees. Although the 49-year-old Umhlanga-based stylist was born in a small town in England, his family immigrated to South Africa when he was seven years old. He has been back to London many times, but has found his feet firmly planted in South African soil for over a decade now. With a huge love for fashion which is largely shown through his enormous sneaker collection, Grant studied hair dressing in Durban and went on to work in various salons aboard and in South Africa before establishing the Grant Harper identity.

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Text: Monique De Villiers-Delport


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