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Support and protection

Avid sportswoman and entrepreneur, Mount Edgecombe’s Jos Ivison knows first-hand the importance of protecting yourself from skin cancer. It was this knowledge, and a desire to create something comfortable for women to wear while playing sports, that led to Jos creating the Brazzi Sun Bra.

Whether you’re on the court, course, field, road or track, you need to be protected. Skin cancer is a very scary reality and, with a family history of skin cancer, it is something Jos knows a lot about.

As a keen sports woman who enjoys the outdoors, 62-year-old Jos has always tried to protect her skin. But sun creams are messy and can discolour clothing, and all of them need constant reapplication to maintain protection.

All of this resulted in Jos resorting to wearing a long sleeve t-shirt underneath her golf and tennis shirts, or whenever she was outdoors, to protect her arms. But this became hot and cumbersome. After trying a few other options, all of which were very uncomfortable and ineffective, Jos decided to create something more comfortable.

“The Brazzi Sun Bra was born out of necessity. I needed to protect my arms when I was playing sport outdoors, walking, gardening and even skiing in winter. I decided to adjust a traditional sports bra by simply attaching sleeves.”

Jos wore her product for a year before deciding to take it further. She did some research and tested fabrics to develop the product before bringing it to the market in March this year.

“Having a family history of skin cancer, I am very aware of the dangers of sun exposure. Sun cream is useless unless reapplied, and the average t-shirt filters five to 10 percent of incoming radiation, which means that 90 percent of the UV rays pass through and get absorbed by our skin.”

The fabric for the sleeves on the Brazzi SunBra has been certified to UVF 50 giving a 98% UV block while the bra is made from polyester/nylon which filters UV better than cotton or natural fabrics because of the weave. A loose weave allows more UV rays to pass through.

“I needed to know that wearing this garment would give you peace of mind that it was doing what it claimed to do – protect your arms.”

Not only is the Brazzi SunBra made from breathable, waterproof fabric, but it also regulates body temperature, allowing you to wear it with your everyday clothing as well.

“Clothing is the single most effective form of sun protection and the first line of defence against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.”

Jos hopes the product will bring awareness not only to sportswomen and outdoor enthusiasts, but also to companies employing women to work outdoors.

“This should be an essential part of their ‘uniform’. I see many ladies wearing jerseys or long-sleeved t-shirts under their uniforms, which are uncomfortable and hot, and don’t provide the protection they need. I would also like to see schools introducing the Brazzi Sun Bra into their sports uniforms. However, this all takes time and for the moment we are very happy exactly where we are.”

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Text: Monique De Villiers-Delport



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