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Local or global – which road trip is best for you?

Local or global – which road trip is best for you?

Roads trips are considered to be spontaneous, experiencing an adventure on the go. After all, the general idea behind a road trip is taking to the open road and seeing where it takes you, allowing you the freedom to stop or stay in a place in your own time and on your own terms.

Here are some of things you will need to consider when planning a local road trip or one abroad.

  • Travel costs and logistics

First and foremost, embarking on a road trip in a foreign country involves more planning, as you would need to have the necessary knowledge of international driving laws as well as a valid international driving permit currency, visas and travel documentation.

It’s always best to get travel advice from an expert when planning a trip abroad as they have first-hand knowledge of the country or region and will be able to provide helpful advice as to what you will need and the best places to visit and stay.

If you happen to be travelling locally and do not own a car, your travel expert can assist you with hiring one. If you are going rough and rugged, an off-road vehicle will be required otherwise it’s a good idea to opt for a vehicle that is reliable and fuel-efficient.

Remember even though taking a road trip is about having fun and adventure you also need to ensure that your planned route is in fact do-able in a vehicle, what the local conditions are and whether there is any border control in place.

  • Accommodation

Depending on the location, accommodation is something you could probably secure quite reasonably when travelling at home or abroad. Travelling in your own country means you may have first-hand knowledge of local accommodation spots and peak holiday periods, so it’s probably best to book ahead when in a foreign country to ensure you’ve booked somewhere practical, comfortable and picturesque.

Whatever your preference or location, road tripping can introduce you to remarkable unexpected accommodation unlike anything you’ve ever seen before – from treehouses to glamping sites, cave accommodation or quirky hotels.

If you’re picky when it comes to the type of accommodation you’re after, or want to experience something unique or different, it’s best to consult your travel expert.

  • Cultural experience

While an overseas road trip will enable you to experience different cultures and unique encounters, you can also learn a great deal about history and culture travelling in your own country.

So, whether it’s local or international, no two road trips are ever the same and it’s really all about enjoying the company you’re with and creating unforgettable memories together.


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