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Compact living

Compact living

… a global trend that is now happening right here on the North Coast!

Compact or ‘micro’ living is an exciting, contemporary concept that allows homeowners to maximise their space efficiency and focus on lifestyle. The first of its kind on the North Coast, The Edge Lifestyle Estate in Westbrook is one such development. 

Loft-living is trendy, functional and space-saving, allowing homeowners to reduce their carbon footprint and focus on life outside their homes. The concept, although new to the North Coast, is not new to the world.

Compact living has long been party of urban culture in Europe and Asia, and more recently the US, and it looks set to increase in popularity as populations and property prices rise.

Although not situated in a city, the recent launch of The Edge Lifestyle Estate at Westbrook is one such development.

“Choosing a home is no longer solely about attractive, affordable bricks and mortar. It’s about lifestyle. Now we look beyond the walls to the locale, the health of the environment, the leisure offering and the proximity to work and schools,” says development director Stuart Whittaker.

The design of The Edge is more of an urban-meets-nature one, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of contemporary, space-saving designs in a beautiful environment. The development is situated a stone’s throw from the beach and is surrounded by indigenous plants and towering trees.  There is even a stream running through the site.

From micro-units to three-bedroom apartments, The Edge estate also has boardwalks, running trails and fishing facilities as well as playground, swimming pool, braai and picnic facilities and a laundromat. The site will even have its own petrol station and car wash!

“Compact living is about designing, decorating and living smart. It’s the lifestyle beyond your front door that really matters,” says Stuart.

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The Edge Lifestyle Estate: 031827 7177 / info@edgelifestyle.co.za.


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