Laughter, wine & hobbies

Laughter, wine & hobbies

Joining a hobby club is not only a great way to share a passion for a similar interest, it is also a great way to make lifelong friendships. Monique De Villiers-Delport spoke to four North Coast hobby club groups, all of whom enjoy sharing a glass of wine, lots of laughter and unconditional support.


Members: There are 10 members, all in their early thirties, ranging from an entrepreneur to a teacher and a blogger.
The beginning: Our book club was founded in 2000 by Caley Rosenberg. She put out a Facebook status asking who wanted to join a book club and those who commented, joined.
Formalities: There are no formalities. We arrive, catch up over snacks and drinks, enjoy a meal and dessert (members take turns hosting and providing the meal) and then head home. For the first two years we had a box of books that we each contributed to, but this became too heavy to cart around every month. So now we just exchange books and recommendations. Our group has become about so much more than just a book club though. We have bonded through marriages, divorce, death, children, jobs, homes…and so much more.
Favourite titles: The Park by Gail Schimmel, My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick, The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins, Cultivate What Matters by Lara Casey, The Girl in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware, Grace, not Perfection by Emily Ley, Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James.


The Durban North Garden Club is the oldest garden club in the Durban area and originally formed as the DN Ratepayers Association.
Members: Members range in age from their mid-30’s upwards, with one founding member, Dawn Jacklin, having just turned 90. They all have various occupations, ranging from housewives to teachers and attorneys.
The beginning: The club was founded in 1954 when members started swapping plants at the ratepayer’s meetings. At the time there were also many male members, who were proud to show off the beautiful veggies they grew.
Meetings: The club meets once a month, alternating between an evening meeting in the St. Martin in the Field Church Hall, Chelsea Drive or Durban North. Morning meetings take place in gardens, nurseries and other garden-related institutions. Meetings are informal and sociable. Hall meetings have three competition categories, a guest speaker and tea before the big vote!
Favourite plants: A must-have is a lovely tree in the garden to give dappled shade, preferably an Albizia (Flat Crown).


Apart from wine club, we also go to the annual La Lucia Mall Wine Prive and the Mercury wine week – and we have even been on a wacky wine weekend in Cape Town, which was loads of fun!
The beginning: This year will be our 10th year together. The club was started in 2007 by Melissa Mitchell and two other friends who decided it was about time us girls got together on a monthly basis to enjoy a fun evening of girl talk and catch ups whilst learning about wine!
Meetings: We meet the last Thursday of every month and in December we have a Christmas party where the husbands are invited to join in.

Formalities: We usually jump straight into it with a glass of wine on arrival. The hostess puts together a pamphlet with information on the wine for the evening, including information on the nose, taste and structure of the evening’s varietal, what food it pairs well with, and even some fun facts. Once everyone has arrived we have dinner and, of course, more wine!


The beginning: The club was started more than 12 years ago by Shelley Mclean, who is no longer a member of the club. There are still four original members, and members range from their thirties to fifties and include teachers, singers and performers as well as a body builder.
Club requirements: You need to be eclectic, have a sense of humour and be willing to be laughed at. It has nothing to do with talent! We are like a wine club except with glue.

Meetings: We meet once month, each taking a turn to host! Meetings last a couple of hours, until the wine is finished, dinner and dessert have been eaten and the craft is complete! Each month a member of the club has a turn to host. They have to come up with the craft, purchase the materials needed and put together the craft. We are then shown how to do IT and enjoy a glass of wine and meal together. Oh, and there is always dessert! Then we proudly take home our new craft – often to our kids who are very excited to see what mommy made! For a lot of us working moms, craft club is a monthly highlight!

Text: Monique De Villiers-Delport | Garden and wine club photographs by Melissa Mitchell Photography /



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