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Let the outdoors in

Let the outdoors in

One of the main reasons any of us choose to live on the North Coast is to enjoy the beautiful climate and outdoor lifestyle on offer. But what good is it if you have to hide your beautiful view and block the inside off from the outside with ugly security gates? Here are a few ways to get around it . . .

Louvre Shutters
Aluminium louvre shutters add an element of elegant style to any type of home.  They provide privacy and security, if intentionally designed with internal strengthening features. Use them to protect patios, windows and doors, not just from intruders but from the elements too.

Mesh Screens
Mesh screens are a popular way to keep out the mosquitoes, flies and monkeys without blocking the view. Some suppliers have taken these screens a step further by making them strong enough to ward off human invaders too. These security screens are the best option if you’re looking for a security barrier that is almost invisible and can be designed for most door and window configurations. They can be locked using a key while windows and doors are left open for fresh air.  They’re an excellent choice for your entertainment area, where you’d ideally want to enjoy your view without looking through burglar bars.

Rolling Shutters
Aluminium roller or rolling shutters work well both inside and outside your home. Use them in your passage to create a safe zone or on patio doors to block out everything, from people to rain. The motors can be concealed inside a ceiling cavity if planned for in advance of an alteration, or new build. Roller shutters can be automated and remote controlled, with options such as battery back-up in case of power failure.

More ideas
If budget isn’t an issue, consider using shutters and screens right around your home. There are other clever options for more restricted finances, such as using mesh screens, louvre or roller shutters on selected areas and other designs. You could opt for custom-made burglar bars on windows and steel or aluminium security gates on doors. Also, look at transparent polycarbonate bars for windows in low-risk areas like golf estates. If you don’t require security barriers for your doors or windows, take a look at extruded PVC louvre shutters. They are very similar in terms of appearance to aluminium louvres, but don’t provide protection against a break-in. They’re ideal for privacy purposes and assist with light control.  They’re rust-proof, making them perfect for seaside homes.

Get In Touch
Speak to Laird Anderson of Trellidor North Durban or Shaun Erasmus of Trellidor Dolphin Coast for more ideas: www.trellidor.co.za / 031 569 5000 / 032 946 1170.


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