Feeding little humans

Feeding little humans

Having always been a self-confessed foodie at heart, it was only when Taetim Smith became a mom that she discovered her passion and skill for creating nutritious baby meals.

Despite spending hours in the presence of babies in her previous career as a newborn and family photographer, it was only after she gave birth to her son Josh, 10 months ago, that Taetim says she found out how much time and effort is required for feeding little people.

“After I became a mom myself, my passion shifted. I turned into a mom who is extremely focussed on what my baby eats. I want my baby to be exposed to an exciting and complex basket of ingredients, but also to be able to eat everyday staples. I want my child to try new foods and not just be encouraged to eat food based on whether it is orange or green.”

After a lot of research and trial and error, Taetim started testing recipes on her son (who, she says, has a big appetite and isn’t shy to spit something out if it isn’t absolutely delicious) and anyone else who would let their baby give her food a try. After receiving positive feedback from everyone, Taetim’s business, Nyummies, was born.

“I have always been a bit of a ‘feeder’ and anyone who has eaten in my home knows they will usually leave having eaten too much. After becoming a mom, I realised prepping for the family and for newborns, babies and toddlers requires twice the amount of energy and often a great deal of time. Some of my mom friends were heading back to work around the time that their babies started eating solids, and they found the idea of steaming veggies and cooking separate meals for each family member quite overwhelming. I always knew I would go back to work, I just didn’t know when, so cooking for Josh became a fun project for me and has turned into so much more.”

Taetim now makes delicious cubes of fruit, vegetables and protein combinations and freezes them so they are ready for moms to simply heat and feed to their babies. Every week she sends a menu out with all of her offerings and moms email their orders by Sunday and have the meals delivered to them the following Wednesday.

“None of my stage one, two or three foods contain added salt or sugar. I believe my recipes are nutritious, yummy and different to anything else on the market. Best of all, it’s all home made with no preservatives. I personally prep, cook and portion every single cube myself.”

The Nyummies meals last six to eight weeks in the freezer and can be thawed out overnight or simply heated up in the microwave. Taetim cooks to order to allow her Nyummies to remain fresher for longer in her client’s freezer at home and offers two collection points, one in Umhlanga and one in Musgrave as well as door to door delivery for a small fee.

“I really love cooking so it’s almost like being a personal chef for small humans! I love knowing I’m making another mom’s journey with their baby a little bit easier or giving parents more time with their children.”

Taetim has been asked to add finger foods to her menu and is always looking to evolve and change her menu and will definitely be making some seasonal changes to her menu taking advantage of what’s fresh and ripe at the time so encourages moms to watch this space!

Nyummies top 10 best foods for growing babies:
Sweet potato and mango
Mashed avocado
Blended frozen banana
Steamed pear/apple
Quinoa and steamed butternut
Baby marrow/zucchini
Broccoli and gem squash mash
Scrambled egg with cheese
Yoghurt with stewed fruit
Cauliflower and coconut milk puree

And foods to avoid for babies:
For the first year you should avoid feeding your baby honey because it can cause infant botulism. You should avoid unnecessary additions of salt or sugar as a baby’s kidneys aren’t developed enough to cope with large amounts of sodium. You should also avoid foods such as raw carrot, popcorn, fruit seeds/pips (watermelon especially), whole or coarsely chopped nuts because they are difficult to chew and are choking hazards. Spinach is not advisable in the first year as it has a high-nitrate content and cannot be processed.

Get in touch: | Facebook & Instagram: @nyummies

Text: Monique De Villiers-Delport | Photographs: Conway Photography



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