The power of touch

The power of touch

Besides the obvious enjoyment of being able to bond and cuddle with your baby, massaging your little one also has a host of other benefits. Often referred to as the ‘mother sense’, touch is seen as the foundation for all the other senses and is vital for survival.

In-utero touch is one of the first senses that develop as the fetus is massaged, first by the amniotic fluid and later by the wall of the uterus. Touch is therefore the sense that is the furthest developed and becomes the primary form of communication between parent and a new born baby. So, why massage your baby? Bub Hub Ballito owner Shirley Lambert says that, for infants, massage is much more than a luxurious experience or a type of physical therapy. It’s a tool for maintaining a child’s health and well-being on many levels. “It helps parents feel secure in their ability to do something positive for and receive a positive response from their baby and promotes a nurturing relationship and it lays the foundation for communication.

Other benefits include:

Aiding the digestive system: massage increases peristalsis, promotes digestion and helps relieve colic, wind and constipation.

Aiding in deep relaxation: massage helps a baby to open his chest and promotes deep breathing. The stroking also helps suggest more rhythmic breathing. Deep breathing helps relaxation.

Promoting deep sleep: stress hormones are balanced by touch and growth hormones are then increased. Relaxing and calming hormones are released, which promotes deeper sleep.

Building a strong immune system: when a person is under stress, stress hormones like cortisol rise. Massage lowers this, leaving the body less vulnerable to disease.

Promoting a healthy circulation system: massage has a direct influence on blood and lymph circulation.

Benefits of baby massage for the parent: 

It’s a deep bonding experience: Engaging in a massage routine with your baby helps lay the foundation for communication. It is a very intimate way of interacting with your baby.

Creates a sense of oneness and harmony: Spending quality time bonding with your baby helps you feel confident in your ability to nurture and care for your baby.

Lays the foundation for a warm and positive relationship: New parents often face much advice on how we should care for our babies. When we are empowered with a skill that visibly benefits the state of our baby, we gain confidence and become open and receptive to our baby’s cues. This lays the foundation for a positive relationship with our children far beyond the baby years.

About Bub Hub
Bub Hub Ballito offers a safe and welcoming environment for parents to spend quality time with their infants. In the baby massage classes parents are taught the art of massage, empowering them with the ability to care and look after their infant’s needs. The course is accredited with IAIM (International Association of Infant Massage). The Bub Hub also offers a range of other courses and allows parents to interact and communicate with other moms and dads. New courses start monthly and are run over a four week period.

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