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Treat your dog’s niggles naturally this winter

Treat your dog’s niggles naturally this winter

The cold rainy season is about two weeks away, so haul out those winter warmers, and prepare for those common colds. And while you’re at it, spare a thought for your furry friends – they experience these niggles too.  

“Like humans, animals also feel the effects of the season change so we need to find ways to make things easier for them,” says Professor Patrick Bouic, Independent Researcher for Cape Kingdom Nutraceuticals.

In this snippet Bouic shares a few common niggles your canine friend is likely to experience this winter and suggests a few simple, natural methods to manage them effectively.

Yoghurt’s yummy
A natural probiotic, plain unflavoured and unsweetened yoghurt is the perfect healthy treat for your furry friend, and since they love the taste there will be no hassle getting them to eat a few spoons.  Yoghurt helps to maintain a healthy digestive tract and is considered a good, natural alternative to pet-friendly over-the-counter probiotics.

Benefit from Buchu  
With Buchu as its active natural ingredient, Ricky Litchfield Hot Spot Spray helps to manage a list of common allergies and skin ailments. With natural antihistamine properties, the spray is sure to get your furry friend’s tail wagging again – and fast. Buchu also has natural anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antihistamine and antifungal properties, which soothes and alleviates itchy skin, while assisting with the healing process.  It can also be used on bites, stings, scratches, rashes and wounds and most importantly yields no side-effects and can be used long-term.

Oatmeal’s on-hand
In addition to being a well-known breakfast staple around the world, oatmeal has also long been recognised as a skin protectant and works just as well for your furry friend.

Consider making an oatmeal paste using half a cup of oatmeal and half a cup of warm water and apply to your dog’s itchy skin. This will provide almost immediate relief from skin allergies and superficial infections. And according to veterinary experts, it helps to relieve your dog’s itchy paws too.

“It is important that we give our pets the same attention we give ourselves, especially in winter. The use of natural products offer fantastic benefits with no side effects, so opt for these alternatives where you can,” Bouic says.


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