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Beautiful bathrooms

Beautiful bathrooms

While most of us understand the kitchen to be the ‘heart of the home’, not many people realise how important a properly planned, high quality bathroom is to potential buyers.

From heated towel rails and floors to fancy rain-type shower jets and even televisions and fireplaces . . . the sky is the limit when it comes to planning a bathroom these days. Once one of the least thought about rooms in the home, bathrooms are now being embraced as places we actively want to spend time. Time to relax and rejuvenate. Here are a few great tips for planning a new bathroom from the clever team at Richmond Plumbing.

Laying it out
It’s easy, when planning a bathroom, to get caught up in the romance and focus only on the ‘soft stuff’ – luxury shower heads, intimate lighting and using nature-inspired materials such as stone and bamboo. And there’s no denying that all these elements can combine to make your bathroom a truly luxurious space. But bathrooms also need to work for a living and things like plumbing drains, outlet pipes and water lines have to be there. Typically, bathrooms have either one, two or three ‘wet walls’, which feature pipes and plumbing. Ideally, you want your toilet located against an exterior wall, as this makes the positioning and installation of the waste outlet pipe much easier. A one wet-wall layout, where your basin and shower and/or bath are all positioned along the same wall is by far most cost-effective option but can be limiting in terms of design.

Make space
When planning the layout and design of your bathroom, make sure you allow enough space for everything to work as it should. Can the shower door open without hitting the toilet or basin, for example? Is there enough room for you to stand and dry off when you get out of the shower or bath? Do you have enough storage and counter top space?

Keep it clean
Bathrooms are where you go to get clean, but they also need cleaning themselves, and this should be a factor you consider when choosing your counter tops, floor and wall finishes. Some materials look amazing but need constant maintenance. Others are difficult to clean. Familiarise yourself with all the characteristics of the materials you like before making a final decision.

Planning for the future
We all grow older and, as you age, you may not have the resources to completely remodel your bathroom to accommodate your changing needs. So, if you’re planning a bathroom renovation, it doesn’t hurt to factor in a couple of ideas so that it still serves your needs many years from now. For example, will you still be able to get in and out of your bath when you are older? Is there enough light? And will you be able to install grab bars and other wall-mounted accessories if and when necessary?

If you’re feeling a bit daunted at the thought of planning your own bathroom, visit Richmond Plumbing & Sanitaryware in Ballito or Durban North. Their team can help with planning and they have a wide range of superior quality bathroom finishes. Details: Ballito: Unit 16 Brooklands, Coconut Grove, Shakas Industrial Park, 032 940 0170; Durban North: 37 Ashley Avenue, Glenashley, 031 572 3344.


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