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Celebrating a Century

Celebrating a Century

In celebration of our nation’s hero, Madiba’s 100th birthday this month, we asked our readers to give us 100 reasons why they love living in South Africa, and mores specifically on the North Coast! From spicy bunny chows to beautiful sunrises, we got them all!

  1. Our beautiful sunrises over the sea and unmistakably African sunsets.
  2. The unique blend of cultures and all the different foods, clothes and traditions that go with it.
  3. The Umhlanga and Ballito promenades and being able to walk our dogs along the coast every single morning while watching the dolphins!
  4. Having the bush, berg and beach all on our doorstep.
  5. Bunny chows, braai’s, biltong and bananas!
  6. Being able to wear shorts and slops and hang out on the beach, in winter!
  7. Great schools and awesome child-friendly spots like Flag Animal Farm and The Chocolate Garden.
  8. Epic waves and incredibly talented local surfers.
  9. Awesome cycling and running trails and a wonderful outdoor lifestyle!
  10. A great variety of excellent restaurants and shopping malls
  11. Our people respect humanity and our different races come together and help one another.
  12. Beautiful beaches, malls, nightlife, diverse cultures, nature reserves and happy people.
  13. Nature reserves on our doorstep.
  14. A huge variety of birdlife!
  15. We are never far from the beaches and mountains.
  16. Our hot summer days and cool winters – we have the best climate!
  17. Our warm North Coast oceans!
  18. The bananas!
  19. We have the best curry spots here on the North Coast!
  20. We have so many amazing markets!
  21. Our hero, Nelson Mandela.
  22. The North Coast has breath-taking views and endless stretches of beach.
  23. Our country is always green and luscious.
  24. Flag Animal Farm and all the other great, child-friendly spots on the North Coast.
  25. Peaceful beaches and warm weather all year round.
  26. Our beautiful Indian Ocean sunrises! 
  27. Our wildlife habitat is the most rapid growth in South Africa.
  28. Family picnics on our pristine beaches along the North Coast.
  29. Exploring the delicious cuisine at all our malls.
  30. The Ballito Pro!
  31. Relaxed seaside living.
  32. We can wear our flip flops in winter.
  33. Braais!
  34. It’s home. It’s where our hearts are.
  35. The people are friendly and always greet you with a smile.
  36. Freedom! We have freedom to live has we please.
  37. The melting pot of cultures that exist in our wonderful land.
  38. South Africans are united and are not afraid to take a stand.
  39. The bunny chows! 
  40. The North Coast is the best place to raise children.
  41. The rolling fields of sugarcane, pristine beaches, beautiful hotels and scrumptious eateries.
  42. Durban is an amazing city with great sightseeing.
  43. High tea at the Oyster Box!
  44. The North Coast’s uninhabited beaches and teeming coral reefs, beautiful outdoor shopping malls and coffee shops.
  45. The North Coast has some of the best country clubs and golf estates in the country.
  46. The coffee culture – you don’t have to search far and wide for a good cup of coffee.
  47. Come rain or shine, there is always something fun happening.
  48. The parks and gardens, shopping malls and of course Moses Mabhida stadium.
  49. The North Coast lifestyle!
  50. Only in SA can you shop at traffic lights for anything from hats to cell phone chargers and art!
  51. The beautiful jacarandas in Pretoria.
  52. The trees, oceans, fresh air and serenity.
  53. Spending time in the Midlands and exploring the Midlands Meander.
  54. The famous Umhlanga Pier and its breath-taking views.
  55. The Umhlanga Lighthouse and sundowners at the Oyster Bar.
  56. Mrs Balls Chutney, biltong, Ouma Rusks and All Gold tomato sauce!
  57. The North Coast is so laid back, you feel like you’re continually on holiday.
  58. That feeling of the air that makes you want to relax.
  59. Wearing shorts and spending time on the beach in winter.
  60. The North Coast is a place where the sun never sets and the fun never stops.
  61. The rich heritage of our country.
  62. Taylors Meats make the best biltong in town.
  63. We have the most beautiful trees and flowers.
  64. I love our lingo and how we describe things as ‘kief, lekker and shweet’.
  65. There is nothing better than waking up knowing the ocean is at your doorstep.
  66. Durban evenings are what paradise is made of! 
  67. Home of the Natal Sharks! The camaraderie of sport, especially around the World Cup.
  68. Dinner at Elements Café at the Beverly Hills Hotel.
  69. Friends of all races and who speak different languages.
  70. Our sticky koeksisters!
  71. We have one of the oldest one of the oldest mountains in the world, Table Mountain.
  72. No shortage of brilliant restaurants with mouth-watering cuisine on the North Coast.
  73. Breath taking African sunsets.
  74. There is always a great atmosphere on the Dolphin Coast.
  75. The big five! I get a thrill every time I see one of these majestic beasts.
  76. We have some of the best hotels!
  77. The beautiful dolphins in our waters.

78. The holiday vibe!
79. The cleanliness of our streets.
80. We get to catch the biggest fish on high rocks.
81. Whether it’s rugby, soccer or cricket, we have some of the best sports teams in the world.
82. We have the highest bungee swing in the world!
83. The annual sardine run is an annual highlight!
84. Rickshaw rides in Durban!
85. Afrikaans is one of the most expressive languages
86. Awesome cycling and running trails at Holla Trails
87. Eating sugar cane
88. Get It Magazine!
89. Epic waves and brilliant surfers
90. Ushaka Marine World
91. Talented chefs and a wide variety of cuisines
92. Great South African beers and local craft brews!
93. Shosholoza
94. What other country has eleven official languages?!
95. Rooibos tea
96. Hiking in the Drakensberg mountains
97. South Africa is a diverse country and we get to meet and interact with people from different cultures and races.
98. Our country’s natural beauty – the landscapes, vegetation and wild animals.
99. The friendly, peaceful and fun-loving people.
100. The blend of cultures and differing clothes, food and traditions.

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