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Clear up your colon

Clear up your colon

If you’re thinking about Spring cleaning your health, one of the first things you should consider is a colonic cleanse. It may not sound glamorous, but colonic hydrotherapy is used by celebs and A-listers worldwide, and has become a popular way to eliminate toxins and reboot your system on the North Coast too.

While the colon may be a self-cleaning organ, the things we put into our bodies these days means it isn’t always able to clean itself properly. This means food is literally just hanging around in our bodies for too long.

“Doctors say that anything from three times a day to three times a week for bowl movement (BM) is normal. But that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily healthy. Naturopaths say we should have a BM after every main meal (two to three times a day),” says Colon Care Colon Hydrotherapy Clinic owner Jane Boyle.

So, why have colon hydrotherapy? Well, according to Jane’s daughter and business partner Tracy, we need colon hydrotherapy more today than ever before. “Our daily exposure to toxins, both environmental and in our food, means colon hydrotherapy will benefit most people today. Colon cancer is on the increase and having a healthy bowel with a healthy transit time is a strong preventative.”

So how does it work? “Well, we start with a good clearing out of stool that may have remained far too long. It may take a few colonics to achieve a properly clean colon.  Once this is done, if our clients suffer from any IBS or constipation, we work on a bowel re-training program. For most people this will be all that’s needed to leave behind the misery of constipation and have a fresh start to a healthier life.”

A concern some people have is losing good bacteria, but, Jane says, clearing out the colon is a way to ‘clean up the environment’ so your good bacteria can grow and thrive.”

Colon Care mother and daughter team Jane and Tracy Boyle offer safe, modern and affordable world class colon hydrotherapy to KZN at their branches in Upper Highway and Durban North. Their treatment is closed system colon hydrotherapy, which means no embarrassment from odor and your therapist is with you at all times ensuring your comfort and safety. Details: Colon Care: / Durban North: 083 384 7460 / Highway Berea: 083 304 3330.


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