Eco savvy in the kitchen

Eco savvy in the kitchen

We all know that plastic is simply not fantastic. And, apart from saving the environment, choosing plastic-free products also means choosing items that are free from hazardous chemicals. If you are what you eat, then shouldn’t we be even more aware of harmful plastics and find out how we can avoid them in our culinary pursuits?

We asked the team of kitchen specialists at Cookin Stores to share some information about the chemicals found in different plastics in the kitchen, how to avoid them and what alternative options there are out there.

Phthalates: Do you have flexible and transparent plastic products in your house? They likely contain Phthalates. If these are ingested, or food is stored in them, high doses of this chemical can lead to hormone changes and even trigger birth defects.

BPA or Bisphenol A: This is an organic, synthetic and colourless compound, predominantly found in plastic bottles and food storage containers. BPA can disrupt the hormone balance as it mimics the estrogen hormone found in our bodies and can affect reproductive organs.

Polytetrafluoroethylene (holy moly): Known as PTFE, this chemical is as hard to say as it is harmful to you. Found in non-stick coatings (commonly known as Teflon), when heated up to high temperatures, they can release hazardous fumes and lead to immune dysfunction.

Perfluorooctanoic Acid: Found in microwave popcorn bags, cookware and cleaning chemicals, PFOA is not only harmful to the environment and resistant to degradation, but has been linked to different forms of Cancer.

Apart from the above-mentioned nasties also be sure to avoid PVC, ABS, SAN and PE.

Change it up!
Swop out plastic chopping boards for an eco-friendly, self-healing Bamboo boards or Epicurean compressed wood-fibre board;
Say no to Teflon non-stick pans and rather opt for a non-stick pan with a food-safe LotanTM, Keravis or Ceramic finish;
Say no to Nylon turners and tools and opt for silicone tools instead;
Out with polystyrene and paper cups and rather use bamboo, glass or stainless-steel travel mugs and bottles;
Plastic sucks! Save the ocean and sip your favorite beverage with a glass, bamboo or stainless-steel straw!
Be kitchen and eco savvy and pop into Cookin at the Ballito Lifestyle Centre, where there is a range of eco-friendly and food-safe tools and gadgets to choose from.

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