Creative & quirky

The Smith-Belton family are a very, very cool family. Their shared creative passion and flair has led to the conception of their brand, Duck Duck Samoosa, where they create colourful artworks inspired by musicians, politicians, artists, celebrities and fictional characters.
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Keeping kids safe online

As parents, it is hard enough keeping our children safe in real life, not to mention the very real dangers the online world exposes them to on a daily basis. Here are a few steps you can take towards keeping your child safer online.
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Family friendly luxury

Who says you can’t enjoy a luxury drive just because you have a couple of kids in tow? We were invited to test-drive two of the hottest new family-friendly vehicles on the market… and here’s what we thought!
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Pimp that party

From a very special first birthday celebration to a much-anticipated sweet sixteenth… birthday parties are getting bigger and better and there is no shortage of fantastic ideas to ‘pimp up’ your kids’ birthday celebration.
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Water babies

It may seem a bit odd taking your baby swimming before they are old enough to walk, but the truth is, the benefits of putting them into the water from a young age are in fact phenomenal.
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Little chefs

Ignite your little human’s passion for cooking by spending time with him or her in the kitchen, taking the time to teach them skills and introduce them to new ingredients. They might even spoil you with dinner every now and then!
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10 cost-saving ways to keep kids busy and entertained these school holidays

With the start of school holidays, keeping kids occupied will be occupying many parents’ minds. And with the cold weather setting in, some activities are out of the question, and those that aren’t, can be quite pricey.
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More curious, less cautious: Protecting kids online

They’ll know how to play online games, get updates on their favorite celebrities, find the latest music hits, chat with their equally tech-savvy peers, or ask the Internet for answers to their questions that they might be too embarrassed to ask others.
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The power of touch

Besides the obvious enjoyment of being able to bond and cuddle with your baby, massaging your little one also has a host of other benefits. Often referred to as the ‘mother sense’, touch is seen as the foundation for all the other senses and is vital for survival.
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