10 cost-saving ways to keep kids busy and entertained these school holidays

With the start of school holidays, keeping kids occupied will be occupying many parents’ minds. And with the cold weather setting in, some activities are out of the question, and those that aren’t, can be quite pricey.
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More curious, less cautious: Protecting kids online

They’ll know how to play online games, get updates on their favorite celebrities, find the latest music hits, chat with their equally tech-savvy peers, or ask the Internet for answers to their questions that they might be too embarrassed to ask others.
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The power of touch

Besides the obvious enjoyment of being able to bond and cuddle with your baby, massaging your little one also has a host of other benefits. Often referred to as the ‘mother sense’, touch is seen as the foundation for all the other senses and is vital for survival.
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Feeding little humans

Having always been a self-confessed foodie at heart, it was only when Taetim Smith became a mom that she discovered her passion and skill for creating nutritious baby meals.
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Blessed with four!

Four babies. At the same time. Umhlanga couple Julia and Pieter are extremely excited and more than just a little daunted at the prospect of giving birth to their naturally-conceived quadruplets in just a few months’ time. We sat down with the 35-year-old teacher and her helicopter pilot husband ahead of their colossal journey into parenthood.
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Carry in style

Mom to a nine-month-old baby, and with another little one due in just a few months, Umdloti clothing merchandiser Sarah Putman knows all about the current fads in the baby world. Her new, super-edgy baby carrier range is perfectly on-trend.
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Sponsored: Bub Hub has it all

Whether you’re buying a special baby shower gift for a friend or are looking for something for yourself or your own baby, Bub Hub Ballito has it all. From ‘doo-doo’s’ and blankie’s to teethers and swaddles, you’re guaranteed to find something unique at Bub Hub Ballito
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Puppy love

What could be more exciting than waking up to a new puppy on Christmas morning? But while it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a puppy, you need to ensure you’re giving your pup the best start to its new life and that you’re well prepared! We got some tips from the Pet Food Industry Association of Southern Africa.
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Meet Bean’s Mom

Beautifully curated content and an honest look at the manic magic that is raising a child. Umhlanga blogger Catherine Basson’s hugely popular fashion, décor and accessory blog, Following the Bean, was born from an appreciation for finding exclusive kids’ clothing.
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It takes a village

One of the greatest things about living on the North Coast is the fact that, although they have grown substantially over the past decade, our once small beach villages still hold a strong sense of community. Umhlali-based Village Kidz preschool principal Tanya Lawson shares some of the benefits of communities coming together to raise children on a school level.
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