10 homework tips to help your child ace the first term 

No parent wants to spend hours hunched over a desk with their child! share some tips on how you can help your kids be more successful in school by giving them the tools they need to study and get the job done.
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Five steps to keeping kids safe at home

School’s breaking up soon. Summer holidays are on the way. The kids are excited, but not all parents are – some have to work throughout the holiday. That can be stressful if you have to leave the children alone at home.
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Keeping the kids busy on a budget!

While the festive season might be loads of fun, it often means spending loads of money – which is not always fun! Principal of Crawford North Coast Pre-Primary Rose Humphries offers some budget-friendly ideas for keeping the little ones busy during the long holiday period!
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3 Fun Summer activities for Kids

Get the kids outdoors this Summer with these three activities to help them have the best summer ever!
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5 things that will give the 90s kids childhood flashbacks

Hands up if you remember one or all of these five school flashbacks from the 90’s! 
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Stressed out kids

As the end of 2016 approaches so too does the end of the school year, and for matric students, the conclusion of their schooling career. Exams can bring a lot of stress and anxiety. We chat to counselling psychologist Rakhi Beekrum about how to help kids cope.
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Three fun sponge activities for the kids

Fun toddler activities can be easy and inexpensive with products you can find around the house. Try these three sponges activities to keep the kids entertained… 
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Keep the kids busy these holidays with these fun DIY learning activities…

Here are three fun, inexpensive DIY activities you can do with small children these school holidays.
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29 tricks to make parenting easier!

If you have kids in your house, these kid friendly hacks will change your life!  
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Baby must have: The baby sleeping bag with killer instinct…

Mozzie-killing instinct, that is…
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