Are you compromising your child’s safety by keeping them warm?

You wouldn’t wear a size 36 pair of jeans if you were a size 32, right? When you put your child in car seat wearing a bulky, winter jacket, you’re essentially doing the same thing – but with potentially dire consequences.
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How play fosters your child’s development

Anyone would be forgiven for viewing toys as simply special occasion gifts that offer a temporary distraction for our children, or as objects that entertain our little ones while we busy ourselves with other grown up duties. Yet beyond this, toys open up a whole world of learning opportunities for our kids.
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One on one with Disney on Ice’s Snow White

We sat down with Snow White ahead of her performance at Disney on Ice coming to Durban this July…
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Keep them healthy

Having just settled in Durban after finishing her Paediatrics degree, Dr Stephane Maingard recently opened her paediatric practice at the Umhlanga Medical Centre. She shares her top tips for keeping kids healthy this winter.
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Exam-time drama!

Exams – the only time when even cleaning your room becomes attractive! Homes often more like war zones and even the closest of families are driven to despair. Crawford Preparatory North Coast deputy principal Sonia Jansen offers a few tips to help prepare your child for exam time.
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Why kids should play in the Garden

Chiquita Patrizi, spokesperson for Prima Toys, explains the benefits of playing in the garden, for both parent and child.
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Let girls be girls: choosing clothing that works for your daughter

There are few things in life more fulfilling than watching your child find her feet in the world. Being able to run freely, skip confidently and explore without limitation are crucial parts of a child’s development, and the last thing they need are clothes that hold them back from their next great adventure.
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Encouraging Literacy

Finally, your child can read. For parent, teacher and child, the process of learning to read, of understanding sounds and knowing the alphabet is a pivotal and exciting one. The process is pivotal as it is the foundation for a lifetime of reading, writing and understanding. The ability to read and write provides the foundation for communication and interpreting the world around us.
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Jazz up their lunch

Growing tired of packing the same old lunchbox for the kids with the same old boring sandwich, banana and bottle of water? Deb Andrews of Lunchbox Lifesavers shows us how to transform a bland lunchbox ingredients into something fun and exciting.
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