New in cinemas …

Here’s your weekend movie roundup!
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10 tips for strain-free screen time

With the festive season downtime now behind us, it’s back to work again with a vengeance, which for many of us means hour after hour staring at a computer screen. And all too often, that means eye strain, irritated eyes and blurred vision, symptoms which can be markedly worse if contact lenses are involved.
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Eight easy to follow hairstyles to suit all hair types

We trolled Pinterest to find eight of the most beautiful easy-to-follow hairstyles that you can master this Summer…
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What to do if you hate eating your vegetables

Very few kids love eating their veggies, and Mica the cat is no different. See his reaction when his owner wants him to finish his food.
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Talk about persistence!

When Cupid’s arrow hits, there’s no turning back! It’s almost Valentine’s Day and this little boy knows what he wants: a hug from his true love,but she’s just not having it. Too cute – watch!
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The best father-daughter dance ever!

When this father and daughter turn up the music things get pretty wild. Their moves are just amazing. Check them out!
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It’s bedtime!

These two are the best of friends; they do everything together – even sleep together. It’s too cute to miss.
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He is going to be a big brother!

Five-year-old Ethan is going to be a big brother and he couldn’t be happier. So cute!
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Brielle can recite the periodic table and she is only 3!

She might only be three years old but this little lady sure know her elements. Watch!
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New on the big screen!

Here’s you movie roundup of the latest films showing in the cinemas …
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