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10 tips for strain-free screen time

With the festive season downtime now behind us, it’s back to work again with a vengeance, which for many of us means hour after hour staring at a computer screen. And all too often, that means eye strain, irritated eyes and blurred vision, symptoms which can be markedly worse if contact lenses are involved.
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Eight easy to follow hairstyles to suit all hair types

We trolled Pinterest to find eight of the most beautiful easy-to-follow hairstyles that you can master this Summer…
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2017 make up trends

Here’s all you need to know about this year’s up and coming make up trends in four minutes… 
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10 Minute ball workout!

Skip the hour long gym session – this 10 minute exercise is easy enough for absolutely everyone!
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5 Healthy baking substitutes for the Holidays

In most homes baking and holidays go hand-in-hand. Unfortunately the healthy options are far and few between and our jeans don’t love us by the time the New Year breaks … Thankfully, by swapping out a few ingredients, we can still enjoy those baked goods with only a tad of guilt!
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Easy DIY face masks for every skin type

Pamper yourself at home with these super easy but totally luxurious do it yourself face masks… 
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Get the abs you want this Summer!

It’s time to challenge your mid-section – summer is here – hallelujah!
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Get buffed up

It has been referred to as the ‘little shop of miracles’ and is filled with everything you need and nothing you expect for a fabulous beauty spoil spot! From a life-size Betty Boop to quirky components and magical elements, Buff Beauty Parlour in Umhlanga is turning heads and attracting clients quick and fast on the North Coast.
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Tranquil Tuwa

Anyone who knows her, knows that Ballito mother and businesswoman Clare Swithenbank-Bowman is a woman who knows how to get things done. Clare recently opened her new beauty spa, Tuwa, at Sugar Rush Park and we were invited to experience some of what they have to offer.
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Chill the years away

You know that scene in the movie where the sports star climbs into a bath filled with ice? The introduction of cryotherapy has changed the way many sportsmen and women approach their recovery, and it’s being used for anti-ageing now too. We chatted to Umhlanga Cryo Conditioning owners Shaun Benson and Dirk Jooste.
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