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6 spots to savour, sip or swim at sunrise and sunset

Sunrises and sunsets are bookmarks between darkness and light and a great opportunity to change gear with some coffee at dawn and perhaps a sundowner to start the evening. But sunrise and sunset each only happen once day, so where do you go for the best ones? Sue Petrie, British Airways’ Commercial Manager for Southern Africa, suggests the following spots:
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Why it’s cool to have a roomie at varsity

If you’re used to having your own space at home, the thought of sharing a room or an apartment with a stranger at university can be a little daunting. However, sharing a living space with someone comes with many, sometimes not so obvious benefits.
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Ready for the frosty forecast? Here’s your definitive checklist!

With the SA Weather Service warning of possible snow in parts of the country later this week, South Africans are urged to take proactive steps to adequately prepare for the winter chill.
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Make the most of your tank

With the Automobile Association forecasting a fuel price increase of up to 55 cents per litre, already cash-strapped consumers will have to make the most of every tank of fuel.
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Just you two

When all is said and done, and your special day has come and gone, a beautiful break away to celebrate the huge step you’ve just taken is imperative. We asked the team at Flight Centre Ballito to give us some of their hottest honeymoon suggestions.
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Tick all the safety boxes before your holidays

The Easter holidays are fast approaching and many consumers will be travelling to various holiday destinations across the country, and even outside our borders.  However, before embarking on your trip, do make sure your valuables are safe and that you are sufficiently covered for any potential loss of or damage to your assets. You don’t want to return from your holiday or have it cut short due to incidents that may have been prevented or sufficiently covered for.
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No chocolate treats for pets – an Easter warning

What would life be without chocolate? It’s delightfully sweet taste and creamy texture has the ability to ease a broken heart, improve a bad day or satisfy a craving. However, this dieter’s weakness and health nut’s reward could have dire consequences for your pets if ingested by them.
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Exercise disguised as fun

There are very few things that can give you great workout without feeling like you’re doing exercise. With 22 Jump Street having just opened at the Ballito Junction Regional Mall, we found out just why we should be getting our jump on!
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Kingdom in the clouds

No matter how beautiful or enticing a foreign country may seem, there is one thing that will ultimately make or break your experience as a tourist – the people. In this regard, both the Kingdom of Lesotho and the AVANI Lesotho Hotel in Maseru do not disappoint.
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Tropical cyclone #Dineo wreaks havoc with our weather

A wild week of weather is on the cards for South Africa. Heavy rain, which could result in flooding, is predicted for large parts of the country as a ripple effect of Dineo, which hit Mozambique late last week. Dialdirect is urging South Africans to take care and stay safe.  Warwick Scott-Rodger, Head of Dialdirect offers the following tips to keep in mind:
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Get It Magazine (Ballito/Umhlanga) – May 2017

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WIN a BRB (brides, relatives, besties) bridal package at Buff Beauty Parlour

Buff Beauty Parlour in Umhlanga is a ‘little shop of miracles’ and they are offering one bride to be the chance win a BRB (brides, relatives, besties) package for themselves and three of their bridal party! The prize, valued at R2 000, includes bubbles, manis and pedi’s…


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